M & M Homes, Inc

We are residential redevelopers. We identify and acquire distressed properties, and make them over into attractive, modern, efficient homes that will...

We acquire neglected and potentially dangerous properties - buildings that detract from the community’s value and image, that may pose a threat to neighborhood safety, and that no one wants to live next door to - and we transform them into modern, welcoming, environmentally efficient homes.

We have a commitment to the communities of Chicago’s South Side. We are long-time residents, church volunteers, members of the neighborhood development organizations and patrons of local businesses. We want to be a part of making these communities stronger, safer and more vibrant. We believe we can help.

We employ local contractors and tradespeople and patronize local businesses to achieve these goals. We partner with the city, and with community organizations and area churches to increase our impact. We use local banks and realtors.

We have a commitment to the environment as well. We use energy-efficient appliances in our homes, thermopane windows and alternative energy solutions where feasible.

Our Mission

M&M Homes creates positive social and economic impact in the communities we serve by providing attractive, affordable, energy-efficient housing options, reducing blight, employing local tradespeople, patronizing area businesses and partnering with community, church and government organizations.

Affordable Housing

The lack of attractive and affordable housing in urban areas is not a new problem, and there are numerous proposed solutions. Small, residential redevelopers can target and transform troubled properties individually, creating attractive, affordable homes in a way that maintains stability and honors the community.

The Customer

We are working for the people and communities of Chicago. We serve...

The Competition

There are other redevelopers out there. You may have seen their signs: "We Buy Ugly Houses" or “Cash por su Casa”. We don't judge, but...

At M & M Homes, we are different.

Who we are & What we do

M&M Homes Inc is a small business, started by concerned residents, that offers a fair wage and benefits to people who embrace our mission. Our partnerships enable us to efficiently remake the homes we find, turning a blighted property into a comfortable home. Community organizations, realtors, residents, and others may suggest properties. Local inspectors and contractors work with our designer and project manager to determine the detailed design, create the scope of work, and order materials. Weekly inspections and team meetings keep all parties focused on safety, quality and timely completion of every project.

We Transform Houses into Homes

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